Lucas Worwag has contributed a new translation from the Spoken Polish. It follows in its entirety...

ASH: If you want to get into Class A
ASH: work a little more in Class C and B.
GAME MASTER: What cunning.
GM: You haven't changed a bit, Ash.
ASH: Gimme one clip for the Dragunov,|two clips for the PPK.
GM: Of course you realize that you will advance
GM: if you gain but two, three points.
GM: Of course you also realize that as of the next level|you will be bound 
by time limits.
ASH: I want the rest of the points in cash.
GM: Playing alone you risk much more|than you have ever risked before.
GM: Are you sure you still don't want| to form your own team?
SUPERVISOR LADY: Good game, Ash.
ASH: Good boy.
ASH: Yes.
ASH: Yes.
ASH: That's a good boy.
GUY 1: Ash has her own strategy.
GUY 1: She'll win for sure.
GUY 2: But this guy is faster,
GUY 2: almost perfect.
ASH: Outta my way!
GM: All the circuits are busy.
GM: Even you have to wait your turn.
ASH: In that case I withdraw my entry.
GM: But why?
ASH: I have a request.
GM: I cannot grant the wishes|of individual players.
GM: All must get a fair chance.
GM: You do understand?
ASH: I need information about a bishop,
ASH: the one who just entered Class A.
ASH: Naturally you know much more than one can|learn from the computer in 
the hall.
GM: Why is this so important to you?
ASH: He's taunting me.
GM: But you don't want anything to do|with the other players.
GM: Isn't that why you play alone?
STUNNER: So it is you.
STUNNER: You look great.
STUNNER: I hear rumors about which|I would rather not have known, but
STUNNER: seeing as I used to be in Wizard|I overhear this and that.
STUNNER: You should give that stuff a rest.
STUNNER: I show up at one hub or another and|end up having to listen to 
stories which,
STUNNER: to tell you the truth,|I really wish I hadn't heard.
STUNNER: They say that an extraordinarily|talented player has appeared,
STUNNER: who plays solo, and that it's a woman.
STUNNER: I thought that maybe|it was you and I was right.
ASH: Did you check?
STUNNER: What exactly?
ASH: From where I entered Avalon?
STUNNER: Nah, I found out by accident.
STUNNER: I think it's obvious that we had to meet,
STUNNER: since it looks like we'll|end up on the same team.
STUNNER: It's good being a fighter,|'cause you can play solo.
STUNNER: I'm a scout. My job is|to survey the terrain and
STUNNER: to eliminate traps.
STUNNER: I clear the road for the team.
STUNNER: I'm the pilot and the guide.
STUNNER: I have to play in a team.
ASH: Any team would do great with|an excellent pilot like you, Stunner.
STUNNER: You finally called me what|you used to in the good ol' days.
STUNNER: No wonder the other former members of|the Wizard team are still 
STUNNER: Since you are too.
STUNNER: But ever belonging to that team does|not help my career, quite the 
STUNNER: it makes it harder.
STUNNER: You see Wizard was...
ASH: I don't want to hear it!
STUNNER: You're right.
STUNNER: It's in the past.
ASH: I'm sorry, but I don't have time|for a stroll down memory lane.
ASH: No need to thank me.
STUNNER: No, that's not it.
STUNNER: Have you heard about Murphy?
STUNNER: I see that,
STUNNER: probably not.
STUNNER: If you won't finish that, I will.
STUNNER: He fought solo, too.
STUNNER: he never came back.
STUNNER: Even you had to have heard about this.
STUNNER: About the figure hidden in Class A.
STUNNER: Supposedly within this class|resides a mysterious neutral being,
STUNNER: a silent little girl with sad eyes.
STUNNER: Some think that she is the result|of a glitch in the game's 
software, and
STUNNER: they call her the Ghost.
STUNNER: But it's not important what she is,
STUNNER: what's important is that all who pursue|her never make it back.
STUNNER: That is why it is best to give up|chasing after something so 
STUNNER: I'm sure that the news of this phenomenon|have reached even you,
STUNNER: even though you are cut off from all|sources of information.
STUNNER: I heard about this, special type of Class A.
STUNNER: This secret highest level of Class A,|is called Special A.
STUNNER: There is no way back from it, and it's dangerous,
STUNNER: but you can earn a hell of a lot of points.
STUNNER: It's said that the Ghost is|the only gate to Class SA.
STUNNER: That's why a player who's reached a high enough|experience level 
and wants to enter this class,
STUNNER: begins the chase after the Ghost.
STUNNER: Just like Murphy.
MURPHY: Stunner!
MURPHY: To the right!
MURPHY: Divert the chopper's attention!
MURPHY: Copper, Cuisinart, Masher
MURPHY: to the left and keep firing!
STUNNER: I have few bullets left!
STUNNER: We're finished, Murphy!
STUNNER: We gotta reset!
VOICE 1: Stunner dragged us into this shit!
MURPHY: Everybody shut up!
MURPHY: The Wizard crew does not call reset!
MURPHY: Ash! Ash!
ASH: Your data of Avalon?
ASH: Come on.
ASH: Come on, come on, come on.
ASH: Come on!
ASH: Come on.
GAME MASTER: Today the line for Class A is overloaded.
GM: There will be lag.
ASH: Have you heard of the nine sisters?
GM: Of Morgan Le Fay?
ASH: Morgan Le Fay?
GM: Yes.
GM: Of the goddesses who ruled|over the legendary island, Avalon.
GM: There were nine of them.
GM: They carried the wounded King Arthur to|the edge of the world on a black 
GM: All the way to Avalon.
GM: Morgan, the sorceress, Queen of Northern Gaul.
GM: Queen of no man's land.
GM: Lady of the lake.
GM: Patroness of King Arthur.
ASH: In the North of Europe there is|another story like that.
ASH: Its hero is the castaway, Odin.
ASH: Who, with the last ounce of his strength,|swam ashore the most distant 
island of the world.
ASH: Morgan, the sorceress, helped him.|She offered him her golden ring.
ASH: Which bore the promise of eternal youth.
GM: So then Odin didn't even|notice when Morgan,
GM: put a royal crown on his head.
ASH: And thanks to that enchanted crown,|Odin had forgotten not only about 
his country,
ASH: but about the entire world.
ASH: Log me in.
JILL: Wait!
JILL: Don't Shoot!
JILL: I'm Jill of the Nine Sisters
JILL: It is a great honor to meet the famous Ash.
9STM1: You too will end up with the Nine Sisters.
ASH: What do you want?
ASH: I doubt that I should be|able to get information for free.
9STM1: Is that so?
9STM1: Then we can get right to it.
9STM1: Many people would want to buy|information about your equipment.
ASH: There is a rule against the sale of|information about equipment.
9STM1: There are many ways|to earn a living in Avalon.
ASH: Tell me what you know about SA.
9STM1: You're kidding?
9STM1: I only know rumors.
9STM1: What it really is
9STM1: can know only someone
9STM1: who belongs to the real Nine Sisters.
ASH: Does that mean that besides you|there are other teams with the same 
9STM1: I don't know.
9STM1: But anything is possible.
JILL: Murphy!
9STM2: Oh crap!
9STM2: A time lag!
ASH: Reset!
ASH: I'm sorry, I made a mess of your room.
GAME MASTER: Don't worry about it.
GM: Happens to everyone.
STUNNER: You don't look so good.
STUNNER: Is that due to a reset?
STUNNER: Don't be mad.
STUNNER: I thought that maybe you'd be interested in|how you can find the 
Ghost and enter Class SA.
STUNNER: Maybe we could eat something?
STUNNER: I hadn't eaten anything good in a while.
STUNNER: I heard from someone from a team
STUNNER: some of whose players have been unreturned
STUNNER: that a bishop takes part in every fight.
STUNNER: He's the one who never returns from the game,
STUNNER: and is the special characteristic of every team.
ASH: The bishop?
STUNNER: Every team that's ever found the Ghost had a bishop.
ASH: So, not the bishop but|his class is the condition?
STUNNER: Not only that.
STUNNER: Many teams tried using a|fake bishop to destroy the Ghost,
STUNNER: and become famous.
STUNNER: That was their biggest mistake.
ASH: Maybe it depends on his level.
STUNNER: Exactly.
STUNNER: The ground rule for the bishop|to be able to enter Class SA
STUNNER: is that he has to be at least level 12.
STUNNER: Do you want to switch classes
STUNNER: and become a bishop?
STUNNER: You do want to get into SA?
ASH: I don't have to play in a team.
STUNNER: Murphy also played solo and was...
ASH: A bishop who reached the 12 level.
STUNNER: And you?
STUNNER: What level are you 12, 13?
STUNNER: Anyway, for you it doesn't matter.
STUNNER: You'd have to double your experience points.
STUNNER: But learning from Murphy's|example you know that
STUNNER: getting promoted to|bishop status takes a while.
STUNNER: To become a bishop you|need lots of money and time.
STUNNER: And besides
STUNNER: you'd need the support of a team.
ASH: I don't have time for a change in class.
STUNNER: In that case you need to find a bishop.
STUNNER: It'll be difficult for you to find one|because you belonged to team 
STUNNER: High level bishops are hard|to come by as it is.
STUNNER: It won't be easy for you to enter Class SA.
STUNNER: Unless Murphy was still around.
STUNNER: Thanks.
STUNNER: I'll see you later.
ASH: How did you know I lived here?
BISHOP: One always gets what one desires.
BISHOP: And you, supposedly need me.
BISHOP: Real meat,
BISHOP: real vegetables,
BISHOP: rice.
BISHOP: Your dog is very lucky.
BISHOP: Not even people get|to eat things like that.
BISHOP: Real alcohol,
BISHOP: cigarettes.
BISHOP: You'll never see things|like this on a monitor.
BISHOP: All this thanks to Avalon.
BISHOP: The privilege of the solo player.
BISHOP: For the best the game is a goal,|not a source of income.
BISHOP: I've checked you out, Ash.
ASH: You talked to Stunner?
BISHOP: The ability to analyze data
BISHOP: is one of the most important|skills of a bishop.
BISHOP: You belonged to the|best team, Wizard.
BISHOP: There are urban legends about it.
BISHOP: About its breakup.
BISHOP: People say different things.
BISHOP: But to this day no one|knows exactly why it happened.
BISHOP: Some say that direct responsibility|can be attributed to a single 
BISHOP: who in a certain battle did not|obey the commander's orders,
BISHOP: called for a reset,
BISHOP: and disappeared.
MURPHY: Ash! Can you hear me?
MURPHY: Get on the roof and aim for the cockpit!
MURPHY: Come in!
MURPHY: Ash, can you hear me?
BISHOP: The problem is not that the team fell apart due|to one of its 
member's disappearance from the field of battle.
BISHOP: It happens quite often in Class A.
BISHOP: The problem is that it caused the|collapse of the Wizard team.
ASH: I want you to form a new team.|A six-member team, including me.
ASH: I need three fighters, a good|scout and, if possible,
ASH: a mage.
BISHOP: Is that all? You don't want|to know anything about me?
ASH: Will you tell me if I ask?
BISHOP: I will.
BISHOP: But only within Avalon.
BISHOP: Tomorrow at midnight, enter Avalon.
BISHOP: Meet me at the flak tower in Field-class A.
SUPERVISOR LADY: We're closing in a minute.
ASH: I'm meeting someone in Avalon at midnight.
ASH: I'm going to try to get into Class SA.
SL: There is no proof that Class|SA actually exists in Avalon.
SL: Avalon is just a game.|Regardless of how realistic it is.
SL: But SA doesn't fit the|definition of a game.
SL: You can't call a program|which has no end a game.
SL: And that's why this program is so enigmatic.|It's still Avalon but not 
ASH: Who are you?
SL: I was offered to|serve as a bishop once.
SL: But now I only serve as|the program's supervisor,
SL: not a player.
ASH: Who is the bishop?
SL: There's no sense in trying to|figure him out, he's a man from nowhere.
SL: It just means that he can access Avalon|from his own terminal and 
doesn't use a hub.
ASH: Is that possible?
SL: Theoretically, yes.
SL: But in reality it requires very advanced|equipment and unimaginable 
amounts of money.
SL: Seriously, Ash.
SL: I wouldn't have anything to do|with that guy if I were you.
ASH: I must.
SL: Why?
ASH: Murphy's in SA.
SL: And that's the real reason?
SL: Use room 9.|The game master is waiting for you.
ASH: Thank you.
GAME MASTER: The entry point is marked.
GM: But I don't want you to enter SA.
ASH: I'm sorry.
GM: A good game master doesn't|interfere with the players' business.
ASH: I would like to ask one last question.
ASH: Did you get to where you|are through a terminal?
ASH: Or are you a part of the code and have|taken on the shape of a human?
GM: There is no way to know that.
ASH: You're right.
ASH: Let me in.
ASH: Thank you for putting the team together.
BISHOP: I would've created it even|if you hadn't asked me to.
BISHOP: Would you like to learn something about me?
ASH: The Nine Sisters. Leaders of Avalon.|You're one of them.
ASH: Is it true that you wrote this program?
BISHOP: I'm a bishop. A mere heir of the apostles.
BISHOP: Someone else is the author.
ASH: Even if that's true, you're still|always on the other side.
BISHOP: Would you like to join me?
ASH: I don't need these people.
BISHOP: I'm not proposing that you join our team.
BISHOP: They were never people, only parameters.
BISHOP: Ash, there's no use in contemplating|which is the better game.
BISHOP: The one which appears|to be easy, but in reality is not,
BISHOP: or the one which appears to be hard,|but in reality does not cause 
many problems.
BISHOP: We find the delicate balance|between these two games.
BISHOP: Constantly set a higher standard for them.
BISHOP: And try to maintain it.
BISHOP: That is our job.
BISHOP: everyone is here.
BISHOP: It's time to go.
STUNNER: I'm happy that we'll be able|to play on the same team once again.
STUNNER: The coast within the 100m|radius is clear. It's too quiet.
BISHOP: Ash, get upstairs.
BISHOP: Mikanik, Ivan, Brody, forward.
STUNNER: This is bad.
STUNNER: This is bad! It's a citadel!
STUNNER: It could not be worse!
BISHOP: Calm down.
BISHOP: It's the most powerful enemy in Class A.
BISHOP: But it's got its weak points.
BISHOP: Fight, get closer to it, and its|cannon will lose its advantage.
BISHOP: Ash, let the players in the|front slow down the tank.
BISHOP: You go around the back|and shoot out the engine.
STUNNER: The bishop wants to sacrifice these three in the front!
ASH: They're not real! They're digital decoys!
ASH: Forget about them!
BISHOP: Hurry up. The time is almost up.
STUNNER: Where's the Ghost?
ASH: Stunner!
STUNNER: I screwed up again.
STUNNER: I will not get another chance like this.
ASH: Again?
STUNNER: You saw it too, right?
STUNNER: You can only get the Ghost in the brief|moment when it takes on a 
realistic human form.
STUNNER: If you're successful, the girl|turns into an entrance to SA.
STUNNER: Say hi to Murphy for me.
STUNNER: It's not your fault that team Wizard disbanded.
STUNNER: It's what I wanted to tell him.
STUNNER: I am the one responsible.
STUNNER: I too lost control of myself.
STUNNER: I brought the team to a similar place, and
BISHOP: Get moving.
BISHOP: The Ghost will not wait for you forever.
BISHOP: Just as I thought. Only you were|able to make it through the gate.
ASH: To Class SA?
BISHOP: We call it Class Real.
BISHOP: It took lots of data and very|sophisticated equipment to create it.
BISHOP: In many respects it is a class|which still needs some testing.
ASH: In many respects?
BISHOP: There is only one way to finish this game.
BISHOP: You must kill those who|have remained here forever.
BISHOP: All your data and the equipment|you had before you crossed the gate
BISHOP: were deposited.
BISHOP: Now you may only carry|one pistol and one clip.
BISHOP: In this class the neutral|characters are very uninhibited.
BISHOP: The moment they are|harmed, the game is over.
BISHOP: There are no time limits.
BISHOP: But you can get out of here.
BISHOP: Only after you've completed the mission.
BISHOP: If you return in one piece.|I'll let you join my team.
BISHOP: Any questions?
ASH: Why did you bring me here?
BISHOP: Because no one else dreamed of it.
BISHOP: Only you.
BISHOP: If you don't have any more|questions, let's begin.
BISHOP: Look behind you.
POSTER: National Philharmonic: Avalon
BISHOP: That's where you will find your target.
BISHOP: Good luck, Ash.
MURPHY: Why did you come here?
MURPHY: Because I'm here?
ASH: Even if so, what's so bad about that?
MURPHY: Only you know why team Wizard broke apart.
ASH: That's why I didn't care when they|blamed me for it.
ASH: And since then I only fought solo.
MURPHY: Then why did you want to meet?
ASH: Stunner said you were lost, but you|simply never returned to the real 
ASH: He said that you wanted to win Avalon, but|the proud members of team 
Wizard stood in your way.
ASH: Of course no one ever thought|of disbanding the team back then.
ASH: It was winning battles one after another.
ASH: It was unbeatable.
ASH: That's why you had to find an excuse.
ASH: So you could spread rumors of its downfall.
ASH: Is this what you wanted?
ASH: You wanted to abandon your friends?
ASH: And to turn into a deadweight sentenced|to lie in a hospital bed for 
the rest of your life?
MURPHY: Of course you understand|what Class Real means?
MURPHY: Am I right?
MURPHY: The world is what we think it is, get it?
MURPHY: Is it wrong if I think this place is real?
ASH: You're just telling yourself|that and you remain here.
ASH: So maybe you're running away?
MURPHY: I don't want to talk about this, okay?
MURPHY: Tell me, what is your natural hair color?
MURPHY: Whatever happened to your distinguishing mark?
MURPHY: Your pretty silver highlight.
MURPHY: Have you ever been shot by a real gun?
MURPHY: You wouldn't want to feel|that kind of pain, would you?
ASH: We really don't have an alternative?
MURPHY: One of us has to die.
MURPHY: The one who lives will see|if the body disappears.
MURPHY: Those are the rules of the game.
MURPHY: Don't let appearances fool you.
MURPHY: This is your class.
MURPHY: Your world.