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The DVD page is now plain HTML rather than images, and includes a table comparing most of the known DVDs of the film.

Thomas Kessler reports that a German release by Kinowelt is due in November or December 2002. Amazon.de are already listing it. This will be a new pressing since German subtitles aren't on the Chinese or Japanese discs. There's also a release listed for France, but nothing I'm aware for the UK yet.


At first the situation with the soundtrack CD might seem worse than the multiple DVD versions because there are many more editions of the CD out there.

In fact, it's much simpler - every CD version has the same 14 tracks, plus bonus PC content in the form of the now defunct Avalon web site.

Catalogue numbers for the CD include Media Factory (Japan) ZMCZ 1171 and Sonmay (Taiwan) SMA059.

Web Sites

There are quite a few reviews of the movie on the net, though many are not in English (and French features quite often).

However, both the official sites (one French, the other Japanese) have gone 404. With luck there will be more when Miramax gears up for the US release.


Two books about the movie Avalon exist. The first is only included in the Memorial box set.

The other is a glossy softback book entitled 'Movie Construction: Avalon'. The only place I could find this online was at AnimeBooks.It's published by Media Factory (Japan) ISBN 4-8401-0158-2

Both books are in Japanese with occasional English words, but there are plenty of illustrations.